Thursday, 8 — Sunday, 11 September 2022

Your exhibitors

The Physiotherapy Conference acknowledge and thank the exhibitors listed below, without whom the Conference would not be possible.

ACC | Stand 29

ACC help prevent injuries and get New Zealanders and visitors back to everyday life if they’ve had an accident.

We touch the lives of a large number of New Zealanders. The health, rehabilitation and service providers who help people who are injured, the businesses, vehicle owners and workers who contribute to the Scheme, and any New Zealander or visitor to New Zealand who's injured in an accident.

Our vision is to create a unique partnership with every New Zealander, improving their quality of life by minimising the incidence and impact of injury.

Cubro | Stand 32

Together, we care | Ka manaaki tahi tatou

We’re privileged to partner with Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists to help more Kiwi’s and whanau participate in life.

In recent years, New Zealand’s health system has come under unprecedented pressure. With a rapidly aging population, increases in obesity, funding inequities, growing waitlists for surgeries and specialist care, a global pandemic and chronic staff shortages across the board – it’s clear that Aotearoa needs innovative health solutions and expertise from Kiwi companies like ours now more than ever before.

Our aspiration is to work alongside our partners to help ensure that all New Zealanders have access to the best health outcomes. We know that our work makes a meaningful difference in people’s lives and their stories inspire us to continue our mission.

MR EMG | Stand 26

MREMG is the tool to measure muscle output allowing practitioners and clients to finally see what is happening beneath the skin. MREMG removes speculation and assumptions empowering both practitioners and clients. MREMG removes doubt from clinical assessments elevating the value of what you do.